Hyperautomation: The New Reality of Businesses in the 21st Century

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Hyperautomation Technology: Businesses today require far more agility and efficiency than they ever did before. The digitized business environment requires organizations to minimize expenses, maximize productivity, and drive operations at an unprecedented pace. These are objectives that cannot be realized with manual processes and efforts. It is where hyperautomation technology comes into play with its extensive technological competencies. Businesses are now using hyperautomation tools to stay ahead of their competition and drive results. According to Gartner, over 56% of organizations have an average of four or more concurrent hyperautomation initiatives underway. So continue reading how you can use hyperautomation to your advantage and grow your business.

What Exactly Is Hyperautomation?

Hyperautomation is a simple analogy of advanced automated solutions and technology to streamline all business processes. Automating all end-to-end business processes that help businesses automate all manual processes and boost efficiency. Hyperautomation uses many advanced technologies that include machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), business process management (BPM), and robotic process automation (RPA). These technologies help transform all legacy business processes and equipment with minimal hassle. Businesses using hyperautomation services to drive digital transformation have seen significant benefits for businesses. It helps organizations reduce operational costs and drive resourceful efficiencies that help one perform better in a competitive landscape. The recent pandemic has forced many businesses and organizations to adopt such digital transformation. According to Gartner, about 60% of organizations are driving operational excellence transformation, and 50% do so for cost optimization.

Who Is Using Hyperautomation, And Why?

There is unignorable hype around hyperautomation in the tech industry, and there are very good reasons behind the same. The fast-paced business environment of the 21st century demands unmatched operational efficiency to ensure customers get the best. Hyperautomation is one of those technologies that can benefit almost every business and organization, irrespective of their scale or industry. As remote workplaces are gaining more prevalence, hyperautomation technology has become a very effective tool to help you run your business from entirely remote environments. Similarly, many other goals and objectives attract organizations to make more investments in hyperautomation. Such goals and objectives include the following:
  • Lagging behind the competition due to outdated business processes contributing to latency.
  • Ambition and curiosity of employees
  • Keep up with the increasing demand in the market.
  • Keep your organization compliant with all the rules and regulations.
  • The lack of resources makes it challenging for the IT department to keep up with the increasing demands of businesses.
  • Lack of consistency in business processes contributes to the deterred quality of products and services delivered by the business.
Goals and objectives such as these are attracting more businesses to opt for hyperautomation and transform their business for good. Gartner also suggests that by 2025, 20% of all products will be first touched by humans only during purchase. Businesses from every sector, including finance, manufacturing, healthcare and pharma, and even insurance, use hyperautomation services to drive results. For instance, the finance sector is leveraging hyperautomation to enhance customer experience. Besides, the manufacturing industry uses this technology to enhance efficiency and eliminate human error. The healthcare sector uses hyperautomation to better monitor patients’ health, available inventory, and more. Finally, the insurance sector has gained immense benefits from hyperautomation applications by boosting efficiency and eliminating errors.

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Why Should You Consider Using Hyperautomation Technology in Your Organization?

Hyperautomation is no longer a thing of the future as this technology is gaining more prevalence by the day. There are many reasons businesses and organizations must consider transforming their business with hyperautomation. Some of these reasons include:
  • Optimizing workflows while ensuring all repetitive tasks are completed right on time without compromising consistency.
  • Automating all business processes to enhance overall business efficiency.
  • Minimizing manual intervention and driving effective automation to reduce costs with advanced digital technologies.
  • Boost customer satisfaction by delivering better services and high-quality products with minimal human errors and similar delays.
  • Generate better insights and drive effective and informed decision-making to give your business the much-needed ability to facilitate sustainable growth.
  • Minimizing the need for technological expertise to configure and manage different types of automation tools and solutions.
  • Make the most of your data to generate valuable insights and determine business opportunities and challenges. You can then use this information to better prepare your business for different situations.
Benefits such as these attract many businesses to use hyperautomation technology and facilitate better growth. In a 2021 study from Gartner, 50% of CEOs and 69% of the board of directors are looking for new ways to drive operational excellence and accelerated growth. Hyperautomation fits ideally with these ambitions, and it will make it easier to realize these ambitions.

Challenges Associated With Hyperautomation Technology

Before you get started on your hyperautomation journey, you must be aware of all the challenges associated with hyperautomation. Some of these challenges include:
  • Calculating the tangible and intangible ROI upfront with the utmost precision.
  • Measuring your success after hyperautomation application
  • Facilitating end-to-end leadership for the entire project.
  • Garnering the support from the management and other stakeholders for an unfamiliar and new business approach.
  • Choosing the appropriate solutions from the fast-evolving and ever-growing marketplace.
The modern-day business environment is far more complex and intricate than it ever was before. Therefore, give some detailed thought to hyperautomation and see how it can benefit your business. Since 80% of executives expect to increase spending on digital business initiatives in 2022, it is about time you also give it some thought.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hyperautomation Technology

Q.1. How can hyperautomation benefit my business?

A – There are many ways hyperautomation can benefit your business. These perks include enhanced efficiency, automation of repetitive tasks, generating valuable insights for driving better business decisions, better customer service, and more.

Q.2. Who uses hyperautomation?

A – Many businesses from varied sectors leverage the benefits of hyperautomation. Businesses from the healthcare sector, insurance sector, manufacturing sector, finance sector, automotive sector, aviation sector, etc. Businesses from all such sectors use hyperautomation to drive better business outcomes and take full advantage of modern advanced technologies.

Q.3. Can I structure unstructured data with hyperautomation?

A – Hyperautomation is one of those few technologies that will help you forget all about your data management complications. The advanced capabilities of these technologies make it very easier to manage your data and seamlessly structure unstructured data. Businesses are now using hyperautomation to generate insights and drive better and informed decisions.

Q.4. Can retail businesses benefit from hyperautomation?

A – Like every other business, even retail businesses can use hyperautomation to facilitate a better customer experience. The AI and RPA competencies of hyperautomation are ideally suited to help retail businesses deliver unmatched customer satisfaction. As a result, this translates into better revenue generation for the business to drive sustainable growth.