Blue Prism

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Blue Prism is a Group of trading company which has pioneered and developed robotic processing automation (RPA) software to reduce returns and manufacture manual data and processing tasks to a UK multinational software company. Blue Prism Crab Lane Warrington WA2 0XP, UK with regional branches in the US and Australia is the headquarters of Blue Prism. Blue Prism is an RPA tool that has the ability to provide a software enabled virtual workforce. This enables our company to agilely and cost effectively automate our business operations. The tool is based on the Java Programming Language and offers visual designers functionality for drag and drop. The Microsoft .NET Framework is built on the blue prism. It supports any app (mainframe, Windows, WPF, Java, web etc.) and automates any platform (terminal emulator, thick customer, thin customer, Web browser, Citrix and Internet services). It can be used to support any platform. It has been designed with physical and logical access controls for a multi environment deployment model (development, test, staging and production). The software Blue Prism RPA includes a centralized reporting and process changes distribution interface with high visibility and control levels. A centralized model for process development and reuse gives additional control to the company. It supports regulating contexts such as PCI DSS, HIPAA and SOX, and provides a wide range of controls to ensure the security and governance required. In 2016, the AIconics Awards, named The Best Enterprise application of AI, honoured Blue Prism as one of the top honours. Blue Prism only supports unattended robots from the back office and is not able to offer participated robots from “front office”.

Why Choose Blue Prism?

  • To use Blue Prism you don’t need any IT skills
  • It can easily be implemented within the short time period of 4 to 6 weeks
  • Provides highest return on ROI and huge returns with self funding returns
  • The application’s controls and fields automatically increase bot speed regardless of their onscreen position
  • Digital Custom Front ends integrate front office agents and back office automation to improve the interactivity and productivity of human robots
  • Support for Dual Byte character set allows you to extend RPA to double byte systems and procedures, such as Asian languages
  • Custom permissions feature allows user specific access to robust groups, robots, processes for secure robotic automation processes
  • Multi stage encryption algorithms offer secure connectivity, storage of data and access to enterprise wide password valid with certified CyberArk credential management for consistent corporate credentials
  • The enhanced control room offers feedback on robot status in real time and enables you to gain a full view of digital workforce
  • Develop highly efficient and automated business end to end operations

Why Tech Tammina?

  • Our Automation Robotics Process team believes in the strategic work rather than in the ordinary
  • Our team is a high quality digital employee who strives to meet customer demands
  • Our team works in different bots and then combines to make a master bot that calls the bots
  • The RPA team of Tech Tammina makes workflows through combining the bots
  • Our team uses IQ bots to satisfy the demands and even IQ insights
  • Even by using apps, our team works on remote devices
  • Our team is extremely responsive and can help customers to reach their requirements at a faster pace. We believe in satisfaction with our customers
  • Our team works with different automation bots, including IQ Bots, Meta Bots and Task Bots
  • We can work for automation in diverse industries such as finance / accounting, HR, businesses / IT, sales, commercialization, production, government, health care, consumer goods, hospitality, retailing, telecom, logistics. We are available for all kinds of applications
  • Our team helps our customer company speed up the transaction and thereby saves their time and costs. We can therefore say that this helps our customer with rapid time and is not intrusive
  • Our team offers our customers diverse offers such as RPA, analytical technology, cognitive in order to satisfy global organization requirements like automation
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