Human Resource Outsourcing

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Owing to the challenges being faced by the enterprises in maintaining the competitive advantage and sustaining viable, Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) has become a common practice among the companies worldwide. All the HR departments, irrespective of their sector, industry or size, face the problems such as the need for reducing costs, improving HR service delivery, and retaining the talent.

We, at Tech Tammina offer our clients the comprehensive HR and staff augmentation services. By efficiently handling your HR functions, we give our clients the freedom to emphasize on their core operation and growth. Being a leading HR Outsourcing company, we offer an array of services to our clients under the Human Resource vertical.

Service Lines

Tech Tammina offers a reliable and structured way for streamlining organizational processes, reducing the operating costs and retain the best talent in the organization while attracting the similar resources. We offer our HR outsourcing services in a highly structured manner and ensure that our clients get access to all the HR functions under one roof.

HR Dashboard and Analytic’s

HR Help desk

Employee Life-cycle Management

On Boarding

Employee Database Management

Performance Management System

Payroll Management

Exit & FFS Activities

Market Research

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By following a standard four-step development methodology, we help our clients reach and often exceed their business goals. We apply innovative thinking, industry best practices and advanced technology to solve the business challenges and unearth business value.

HRO Service

By going through your project requisites and business goals, we outline the best business solution for you that sets forth a vision of success for your organization.

  • Project Planning
  • Requirements Definition
  • Completely Scalable Architecture
  • Conceptual System Design
  • Scope of Work Outlining
  • Consummate Quality Focus
define image

Our design team commences the designing of the project to your specifications, with a consistent focus on your budget, strategic goals, and world-class quality.

  • Prototyping
  • Technical and Functional Design
  • Constant Focus on Augmenting Productivity
  • Innovation led Designing
  • Dextrous Designing
  • Engaging Designs
design image

Following your feedback on the project design, our seasoned professionals begin the development as per the present project timelines and development objectives.

  • Custom Development
  • Change Management
  • User Documentation
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Thorough Quality Testing
  • Strong brand focus
develop image

After developing the solution to your satisfaction, we deliver and launch the final product while closely monitoring its functioning to ensure flawlessness and no unexpected issues.

  • Unmatched Quality
  • Excellent Performance
  • Round the Clock Monitoring
  • Reduced Risk
  • Post Development Support
  • Quick Turnaround Time
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Why Tech Tammina?

Being a top-notch Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) Services and Solutions company, we are among the front-runners offering a comprehensive suite of HR services to our clients at affordable prices. Our HR support is not just limited to connecting your company with top-talent and hard to find candidates, but we also offer a broad array of HR services, reducing the overhead for our clients while enabling them to focus on their core operations.

With vast Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) experience, we possess proven methodologies for people management, recruitment, processes management and re-engineering. Our HR outsourcing solutions are integrated, scalable, flexible and truly global. We Offer the best payroll management software for Staff management And management information system.