UI Path

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UI Path is a global software company that is developing the Robotic Process Automation Platform (RPA or RPAAI) and was founded in 2005 by the Romanian entrepreneurs Daniel Dines and Maria Tirca. The enterprise has been established from Bucharest, Romania, and then established offices in London, New York, Bengaluru, Singapore and Tokyo. The company has reported a workforce of 590 in 2017 and moved its headquarters to New York to its international client base, which increased to 700 from 100 clients in 2016. UI Path offers user friendly process automation software, web scraping, graphical graphics testing, content migration, and more. Their world class developer team can help you implement these technologies to improve the profitability and productivity of your business. Automate business processes across every application, every interface and every environment using powerful robots, which can be adapted to move objects on the screen. They invested more than a decade in the production of UI Path robots in challenging circumstances as fast and reliable performers. With UI Path Robots, priorities and requirements are always balance with availability and their continued demand. Your service levels will always be met and resource use will be the norm. UI Path closed the initial round of US$ 1.6 million in August 2015 under the leadership of the Earlybird Venture Capital with Credo Ventures and Seedcamp as sponsors. Mlessly. In April 2017, UI Path was funded by Accel in one of the larger round A Series of finance in Europe, worth $ 30 million. Former investors were also members of Earlybird Venture Capital, Credo Ventures and Seedcamp. The company received an investment of $ 153 million on 6 March 2018, which the company estimated at $ 1.1 billion, from Accel, CapitalG and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. UI Path raised $ 225 million at an evaluation rate of $ 3 billion on September 18, 2018, in the $ 3 trillion funding round led by CapitalG & Sequoia.

Why UI Path?

  • Wide Platform
    Our open and extensible platform offers hundreds of integrated, customizable, shared activities and deep integration with the technologies of CRM, ERP, BPM and AI.
  • Quick Results
    Tested, and proved to be 40% faster than competitors for automation design and deployment, UI Path offers worldwide support for implementation, certified education and a large network of partner integrators.
  • Way to AI
    Incorporated smart OCR, integrated Google, Watson and Microsoft NLP services, as well as deep learning in maintenance reduction.
  • Scalability
    Use RPA on the scale of your business. Manage all kinds and processes, regardless of complexity, from front to back office.
  • Security
    Security and auditing of defence ratings includes RBAC, all encryption and certified code of Vera code. The 40+ government agencies trust our technology as being safe.

Why Tech Tammina?

  • Our Automation Robotics Process team believes in the strategic work rather than in the ordinary
  • Our team is a high quality digital employee who strives to meet customer demands
  • Our team works in different bots and then combines to make a master bot that calls the bots
  • The RPA team of Tech Tammina makes workflows through combining the bots
  • Our team uses IQ bots to satisfy the demands and even IQ insights
  • Even by using apps, our team works on remote devices
  • Our team is extremely responsive and can help customers to reach their requirements at a faster pace. We believe in satisfaction with our customers
  • Our team works with different automation bots, including IQ Bots, Meta Bots and Task Bots
  • We can work for automation in diverse industries such as finance / accounting, HR, businesses / IT, sales, commercialization, production, government, health care, consumer goods, hospitality, retailing, telecom, logistics. We are available for all kinds of applications
  • Our team helps our customer company speed up the transaction and thereby saves their time and costs. We can therefore say that this helps our customer with rapid time and is not intrusive
  • Our team offers our customers diverse offers such as RPA, analytical technology, cognitive in order to satisfy global organization requirements like automation
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